About Us

Asma Ali Furness established Royal Beauty Clinic in Houston in 2012, and remains the sole owner/artist. She is proud to be one of Houston’s most respected permanent make-up artists.

Permanent make-up is a technique called Micro-Pigmentation (also known as Cosmetic Makeup or Tattooing) that implants pigment (color) through the first layer of the skin into the second layer, where it remains. About one week after the procedure, as the skin heals, the true color slowly appears.

To date, she has completed over 100 permanent make-up procedures. When sourcing out an artist it is important to do a history check. There are no second chances on your face.

When clients come to her for correction to work she didn't originally perform, she cannot always help them. She has attended Beauty schools in Houston. Permanent Makeup is Asma Ali specialty, and she takes it very seriously.

Client privacy is very important considering intimate nature of her work. She has built a reputation for candor and discretion. Many clients are discerning women who appreciate and expect perfection.

She is very direct and honest when it comes to permanent make-up. She listens to what her clients want and then does her utmost to realize that desire. Believing that less is more, subtlety is a main feature of her work. It is especially important for fair-skinned clients with blue and green eyes; Asma able to deliver a soft effect. She can also create a dramatic stronger look for clients with darker eyes. Ultimately, the enhancement should look so natural you can’t tell that any work has been done! These natural enhancements can make a client look five to ten years younger by subtly re-framing the face.

She uses only the highest quality of hypoallergenic pigments. All supplies are pre-sterilized and single-use. Asma is Health Houston approved. Royal Beauty Permanent Make-Up Inc. has built a reputation for excellence in both artistry and clinical standards.